Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not So Instant Gratification

When did romance die because I clearly missed the memo?

It seems that the moment the world got turned over to the A.D.D. Generation the attention paid to courtship became as short as the time you spent at your last speed dating session. It seems like now a days people live in such a fast paced society that even something that should be as special as taking someone on a date seems like a microwaved process that finishes just as quickly as it starts. But is it really that romance and traditional courtship has died or have we as people become so jaded to the notion of dating that we just skip to all the good parts?

We live in a time where the divorce rate is at an all time high and break up's on reality television are a normal showcase of what 'love' is, so it's not hard to see why people have become turned off by the mere mention of love and dating. But personally I long for the days when love and marriages were expected to prosper and people approach you with the idea of being monogamous as their only intention. A throwback to the time of when people actually went out with each other to have a good time and enjoy each other's company, not just for what you would 'get out of the deal' later.

But with this way of life comes a sense of self worth and respect. To demand these things we have to demand respect, and I definitely include myself in this equation when I speak on this. If we demand a five star experience we have to carry ourselves like five star worthy dates. Granted I know this doesn't apply to every date we come across because its not always that deep, but in general cases this is a must.

In the mean time, here's to the hope that the mindset of a microwaved relationship most people have now a days turns into a full course 5 star courtship and romance returns from the grave =\

Until next time folks '...Keep Calm and Carry On'

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  1. We are all too connected and too concerned with the next person in an un-organic way. I can find everything abut an individual by reading their FB or following their tweets subconsciously forming opinions before I've even meet them.